Essay on Effects Of Street Children On Children

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"We have come dangerously close to accepting the homeless situation as a problem that we just can 't solve." (Linda Lingle, 2013) The title "street children" refers to children who, due to a collection of socioeconomic reasons, have found themselves living on the streets of their town or city. There are many causes to street children as said by Lugalla and Mbwambo, 1995. Some of these causes are of natural causes, whilst others are man-made. A child may have lost his or her parents and so those children have nowhere to go, hence, they live on the street. Also, some parents throwaway their children if those children are handicapped or are a result from an affair. In addition, there is an overwhelming number of effects on street children and the society those street children belong to. A child without education lacks a future, which means that this child will not be able to survive easily and will be expected to have a shorter life span. Moreover, those street children will come to face or be used by criminals to violate and destroy parts of the society. Nowadays street children cannot reach or get their basic needs. Therefore, those children are at high risk for physical, emotional, and social violation which leads them to becoming evil as they get older and so they become uneducated adults with low moral beliefs and damaged psychology. This essay tackles the worldwide issue of street children that can have many diverse solutions such as: enforcing tough laws concerning…

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