Effects Of Slavery On African Society Essay

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Throughout the years 600 CE to 1750 CE, there have been many countries that participated in slavery and slave trade. However, there is one linking factor to all of them: African society. Native African peoples were the subject to many slave raids and many of them were taken away as slaves (Stilwell 22). This heavily affected their society as well as their political situation, culture, and economy. To begin, slavery was an extremely harmful force to basic African society. Slave raids in Africa would often target mostly men, due to the perception of them being stronger workers. This caused a huge issue in the gender balance in Africa. Women would outnumber men greatly which resulted in a disbalance of the types of skill sets in African society (Getz 44-45). Furthermore, slave raiders would often aim to take the most skillful workers in order to make more profits. Africans society would lose out on many of their most skillful workers, causing many issues that impaired the society’s development (Getz 50). The slave raid would also inevitably lower Africa’s population, especially in areas near the coast of Africa. The decrease in population would deprive the society from the necessary labor that it needed in order to expand (“Impact of Slave Trade”). This decrease in population and the decrease in skilled workers prevented Africa from establishing a strong economy. Along with the population effects, there were also new social orders that formed due to slavery. African elites…

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