Globalization Of The Slave Trade Essay

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"The slave trade was one of the most profitable commercial ventures in history. At the same time, it was one of the most violent, inhumane, downright murderous episodes in the human saga." The globalization of the slave trade helped build the world 's economy, but it created long lasting racial tensions. Globalization is the interaction of people, countries, and governments of different countries. This effects the countries ' environments, cultures, political systems, and economies. The slave trade is an example of globalization, because it connected the Americas, Europe, and Africa. The earliest slave traders were the Muslims during the medieval times. They took Africans from Sub-Sahara Africa and made them work in their land near the …show more content…
Cotton provided one-half of the USA 's export profits. 70% of this cotton was used by Britain 's textile industry. Cotton helped the USA compete for economic leadership. It was a big part of the regional economy of the South. The sugar made on Spanish plantations was the foundation for Cuba 's economy and its primary export in the 19th century. Also the Africans who were working for the Muslims near the Mediterranean Sea worked on sugar plantations. In colonial times tobacco was produced by slaves. If the South was its own country, it would have been the fourth most prosperous in the world in 1860. The South 's prosperity came from slave labor which produced most of the South 's income. Slaves gathered capital to finance the Industrial Revolution. "Black slavery was the engine that propelled Europe 's rise to global economic dominance." The slave traders received a huge amount of wealth. They bought the slaves for very little money in Africa and then sold them in the Americas for a very high price. During the cotton boom they were paid $1,250 for each slave. Men were worth 10% to


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