Essay about Effects Of Sexual Abuse On Sexual Behavior

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The effect of sexual abuse on sexual functioning such as low sexual desire began to be noticed in the 1970’s. 80% of female CSA survivors admitted to sexual problems, including low sexual desire (Courtois, 1999). Since then, an abundance of studies on the effects of CSA on sexual desire have been done. Different studies included statistics on an inability to enjoy sex and lack of interest in having sex (McGuire & Wagner, 1978). It was also discovered that females were avoiding sexual intercourse, experienced lack of initiation of sex, reaching an orgasm, and denied their sexuality (McGuire & Wagner, 1978).
Sarwer and Durlak (1995) acknowledged specific components of sexual abuse, such as sexual penetration or receiving and performing oral sex, that were explicitly associated with female sexual disorders and projected the higher rates of potential low sexual desire among female survivors of CSA. Women reported experiencing emotions such as fear, disgust, and anger during sexual arousal. Women with a history of CSA perceived their sexuality as a negative part of them that needed to be shut down (Sarwer & Durlak, 1995). Moreover, disturbing memories originating from CSA trauma added sexual difficulties with patient’s fantasies, desires, arousal, orgasm, negative body image and attitudes about sexuality, and painful intercourse.
It was explored that CSA factors such as whether the abuser was known by the child, the extent and duration of the abuse, amount of force employed,…

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