Effects Of Racism In Modern Society

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How does racism affect individuals in modern society?

Racism is one of the most controversial issues in modern society, as large proportions of the contemporary populace are affected by it. Racial and ethnic discrimination occurs on a daily basis, which significantly affects the progress of millions of people around the world. From denying individuals the basic principles of equality may lead to disputes that can have a negative influence on society and can lead to racism. Racism portrays the negative aspects and views of people from different cultures and living in such a diverse country allows racism to spread quickly, which negatively influences society and the relationships between different people. Almost 1 in five individuals experience
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In modern society, racism generalizes a race because of the actions of a small group of people from that race and through this, racism allows a person to justify all sorts of indignities on people from other cultures. The most significant factor contributing to the development of racism is social media. Social media portrays images of people, allowing stereotypes to be developed. Therefore, every time an individual sees another person from a different race, they depict a certain stereotype about them. This significantly influences how people in society communicate with each other. Additionally, living in such a diverse culture, races separate themselves to their individual ethnicity; this has a considerable influence on what choices people make in modern society and how these choices affect the people being discriminated against. As one must not judge a book by its cover, similarly one must not judge another person based upon their race and physical appearance. As all individuals in the modern societies are equal and are born with equal opportunities in life, hence people should not be discriminating against others based upon their race, as this will negatively affect the lifestyle of others. Figure 1.1 and Figure 1.2 illustrate how racism is affecting …show more content…
The Jews began belittling the Gentiles, as they were individuals with a higher status and superiority. Even in modern society, people divide themselves into groups based upon their different ethnicities. Therefore, racism has negatively affected today’s society to a large

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