Effects Of Physical Deterioration Of Soil Based Upon Multiple Studies And Literature Reviews

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The objective of this paper will be to thoroughly and accurately explain the different causes and effects of physical deterioration of soil based upon multiple studies and literature reviews. Physical deterioration is the “destruction of soil structure, dispersion of soil particles, sealing of pores, compression and increasing density, compaction, low infiltration, waterlogging and erosion.” There are many different types of deteriorating factors that affect soil compaction that have been studied. Some of the parts of the soil that can become deteriorated are: soil structure, soil function, coalescence, slaking, dispersion, surface sealing, crusting and compaction. The soil plays a key role in adequate crop production. It is key to providing food and much more to our world than many people realize. The soil is a nonrenewable resource with potentially rapid degradation rates and extremely slow formation and regeneration processes. (1) The rates at which soil degradation occurs is a very quick process. However, the formation and rebuilding of the soil structure is an extremely slow process. Therefore, soil sustainability is a very valuable solution in dealing with many problems such as providing food, climate change and much more. With the growing population and increase in food demand, finding the source to the problem is a very valuable resource to have. Over the years, soil degradation has been researched more than ever on its impact on crop yield and quality. There are…

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