Essay about Effects Of Pesticides On The Green Revolution

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The rising population in the world and the same amount of land to produce more food on is a major concern in agriculture. The Green Revolution in 1960 through 1970 was big step in the advancement of agriculture throughout the world. It helped increase yields, helped with soil erosions, and help feed the rising population of this world. Along with all this increase in yields, production, and efficiency also brings some short-comings. This much increased in machinery and fertilizer is helping in polluting a lot of the ecosystems around agriculture. There are a lot of positives in the Green Revolution but with that comes a lot of negatives. The green revolution helped increase production and yields throughout the world in 1960 through 1970. It has increased soil fertility which before the only method for increase soil fertility was alternating crops every season. Along with that it has also helped in the increased use of pesticides and nitrogen (Das, R. J. 2002). Pesticides have helped against some of the diseases that have faced many of the crops beforehand (Borlaug, Norman Ernest. 2002). Fertilizer has also increased by a lot throughout the world. This also helps in increased yields. China is leading producer for food worldwide as well as having the biggest population in the world. The land will always stay the same as the population grows. We are losing farming land to urban growth so this makes for a terrible problem. This lead to many improvements in agriculture for…

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