Water Quality In China Essay

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The current and past agricultural practices in China have caused an environmental problem nationally and globally. Although there is clear evidence that something needs to be done to change China’s sustainability, there hasn’t been any action engineered that has successfully led to an acceptable level of health. China is known as one of the largest consumers and producers for many products, so its agricultural practices are not only important to China but also to those who depend on China for sustenance. Additionally China is a heavily populated country so its agricultural practices need to be safely executed to keep the country environmentally healthy and its citizens in good health through food security. This however is not what is happening …show more content…
Water damage has been occurring due to the irrigation systems bringing nutrients, chemical pesticides, and minerals into surface water and ground water (Liu, Pan, Li 210). When these products enter into the system and the water, they end up inside the water that humans drink and use for food. Irrigation is extremely important to China’s agricultural production, because the land that is irrigated “accounts for 75% of the country’s grain production, and irrigation accounts for more than 60% of the country’s total water consumption,” (Lam, Remais, Fung, Xu, Sun 2045). The amount of water and the quality of that water that runs through the irrigation systems directly effect China’s production of food. This can take a major toll on arable land and lead to widespread desertification. This occurred in northwest China and affected the are so much that is was unable to produce the quantity of products that it should have and needed to produce. Water is essential in food production, preparation, and processing so when the water that is being used is contaminated or of lower quality than necessary it can cause foodborne disease and this is exactly what happened in China, (Lam, Remais, Fung, Xu, Sun 2048). China’s water is among the most polluted in the world and since they continue to use this water for its usual use when clean it is causing many problems. China’s water and sanitation infrastructure is at an earlier stage of development, so it is unable to truly keep things sanitary yet. This has lead to the food supply being at a higher risk of contamination and further affecting the health of those in China. The water is also at risk of being contaminated by heavy metal cadmium from industrial facilities in rural areas as industrial wastes from the facilities are not properly disposed

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