Effects Of Obesity On The American Culture Essay

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Though obesity has been rapidly increasing, and part of the American culture is as Janet Poppendieck, author of “Want Amid Plenty”, puts it, “Individual Americans have been preoccupied with avoiding, losing or hiding the corporeal effects of overeating” (573). Unfortunately, it isn’t being stopped quite as successfully, as of now about 300 million Americans are considered obese (Brewis 463). American adults aren’t the only ones suffering, obesity and diseases caused by it, such as hypertension and diabetes type two are now commonly seen in children. One reason for this is suggested in the documentary Forks over Knives as being the fast paced life of Americans, developed after WWII, produced convenience food, rich with processed sugars and fried meat (Kenner Food Inc.). What was supposed to make life simpler soon complicated it with unimaginable side effects. The sicker the U.S becomes the more pills are prescribed. Unfortunately, none of these treatments are quite as effective as hoped to be. Another reason many people seem to have a problem with being overweight is because they simply aren’t educated enough on what and what not to eat. For example, though the way we eat has changed drastically in the past 50 years, though food is still being marketed the same way. There is still that image of farmers out on fields and in pastures, when as of now it simple isn’t true. Also many products are made to look as though they are being sold by a multitude of different…

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