Effects Of Modern Day Culture On Traditional Music Essay

2113 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 9 Pages
Music is a defining feature of culture, and likewise a loss of music culture can have a giant effect on an overall culture. This is the case in Cambodia, where the effects of the Khmer Rouge and the loss of both a musical and cultural identity have occurred.1 Due to this, there has been a movement to restore traditional Khmer music and other cultural art.2 Through a variety of studies, this situation has been documented to a large extent. The current research focuses on the nature of the music revival, the effects of modern day culture in Cambodia on traditional music, and the condition of primary education in Cambodia, and its relation to the survival of traditional music. Unfortunately, there is a large element that the current body of research misses out on. This element is the effect of traditional music education and restoration on restoring “a culture of peace and non violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture 's contribution to sustainable development.”3 It is shown by a variety of primary sources that the effects of traditional music education promotes the values aimed for by the Sustainable Development Goal target 4.7 in both the individual student and the larger society. Cambodia has a rich culture and music tradition that dates back to before the thirteenth century, when a Chinese envoy recorded the interconnectedness between musicians and the court as well as life cycle festivities. Music was certainly a large part of this…

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