Effects Of Menstruation On Women 's Life Essay examples

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Ever since women can remember, menstruation has played a large part in daily life. Without menstruation, there would not be human life or living beings. Despite menstruation being a real life thing that happens to almost all women, it is still a taboo topic, that even today, is still not talked about in public or out loud between others because it is one of those “off limit topics,” but my question is why? Why is something so sacred and natural, so off topic and unspoken about? Why are men and women both so afraid to speak publicly about something that effects women in such a natural way, or about something that without, we would not have living beings, therefore nobody at all would be here? To understand why it is so off limits to speak about, we must first understand exactly what a period is and how it’s come about, or changed over the years. A period is simply the process of the uterus lining preparing to fertilize an egg. If the egg does not get fertilized, then the means the woman is not pregnant and she bleeds from her vagina. The process happens monthly and affects any women who is of child bearing age, or is able to conceive a child. If a woman is unable to conceive a child, then she no longer has the menstrual cycle and will not have periods. Over the years, women have developed ways to take care of their cycles. To do so, they use tampons, pads or forms of birth control to regulate. For example, in Ancient Egypt times, women used softened papyrus for tampons. The…

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