Effects Of Internet Scams

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Register to read the introduction… One of the easiest ways to do this is through bulk e-mails. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) staff, “…more often than not, bulk email offers appeared to be fraudulent, and if pursued, could have ripped-off unsuspecting consumers to the tune of billions of dollars” (FTC). To try and battle this problem, the FTC outlined what they term the “Dirty Dozen;” a list of common e-mail scams posted for the public. Several include; false business opportunities, including faulty work-at-home kits, scams promoting get-rich-quick opportunities that are never realized, fraudulent investment opportunities, and scams selling goods that are falsely advertised such as, health and diet scams where “miracle cures,” or pills for quick and effortless weight loss are …show more content…
in 2003 according to the Internet Fraud Watch (IFW), many websites offer warning signs (Fleitas). One website warns internet users against e-mails with hidden addresses (Online Shopping). They also advise users to overlook offers “…that shout at you, like 'THE SECRETS OF GUARANTEED SUCCESS!!!' or 'How to make a ££££million!!!'” (Online Shopping). These types of get-rich-quick claims often promise large profits or winnings with little to no effort required. Offers that provide little to no background information and require fees are especially suspicious. Also, it is advised that internet users avoid buying into vague references such as, “millions of customers satisfied,” and if “this is not a scam” is ever included, chances are it is a scam, because legitimate businesses normally do not have to convince customers of their validity (Online Shopping).There are also organizations that try to minimize internet scammers’ success. One example is “Internet ScamBusters” who provide a public service by e-mailing monthly newsletters to subscribers (Lanford). Legal action against scam artists, though successful in some cases is often impossible. However, the guidelines and services offered if taken heed to may minimize the …show more content…
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