Effects Of Internet On Society

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The internet is a tool that people of all ages have access to; whether it be a child playing an online game, a teenager scrolling through Facebook, or a mother searching Pinterest for a new recipe. Even most phones now come ready and equipped with an internet search engine. The internet is ready and available for society to use, but is the internet effecting people? There are many positive benefits that have come from the invention of the internet; however, not all of the effects that they have on society are as wonderful. Internet has made many effects on society including improving our networking at home and globally, has made knowledge and information easier to access, but on the other hand, the internet has been a major distraction from …show more content…
Anywhere a person goes, all around him are people on computers in coffee shops, updating a picture of their meals to Instagram, or searching the web on their phones. The internet is available nearly anywhere thanks to the improvements in Wifi connection and the use of data, but is that a benefit or a detriment to society? People have lost sight of what it means to actually connect with another person, and no just be following a person on all forms of social media does not count. Face-to- face conversations have become scarce, phone calls only happen when it is absolutely necessary, and it has become acceptable to deliver serious news over text. Society is loosing its personal interaction with people because of the ease of communication that the internet as created. When people are together, such as on a first date, they prefer to sit in silence and search the web simultaneously as opposed to discuss common interests. When was the last time in a restaurant that two people sat, ate, and shared in conversation with each other completely technology free? Hard to think of an instance because our society has become so accustomed to having the distraction of the internet in their lives that people hardly recognize the problem. It is safe to assume that everyone is thankful for the advances that have been made with technology and the internet; however, society is loosing sight of the reason for all of these advances, communicating with

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