Effects Of Indian Politics

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Register to read the introduction… • Second saw first as preventing large groups of society into power roles

• Pure politics by numbers : Rule by the majority • If community politics is carried out, it has involved some forging of alliances with other social groups (Example is during Freedom movement) • This has expanded the cultural and economic choices of its members • “Secularisation of democracy” • This is rapidly getting eroded • All-round communalisation of Indian Politics, causing a sever disruption in established democracy in past 20 years

Collapse of the Party system • Party system collapsed by end 80’s; coalition system is yet to acquire stability now • Started with the 1989 election, it inaugurated a decade of turbulence, instability and a volatile electorate • No election after that has led to any party claiming electoral majority • Congress: o Already lost OBC votes in prev election (since 1967) o Lost dalit, tribal and Muslim votes to regional parties o Lost urban and upper-caste support to BJP o < 40% of vote (197 seats) o Decline since then with exception of 1991 (Rajiv Gandhi assassination) o Support bases growing thinner due to regional and sub-regional
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o No significant improvement in Congress’ support o Structurally rooted at individual state level, not very durable • Negative

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