Effects Of Human Environment On Environment

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Human development and activity has had a huge effect on the environment. Global warming, pollution, overfishing, and deforestation have all taken a toll on the environment, shattering animal habitats, killing organisms, and causing environmental problems for generations. Often times it is easy for many of us to keep to ourselves. Arguably that is one of the worst things humanity regularly does. It is important for all people to be aware of their impact on the environment. This paper will discuss the major problems and effects on the world due to global warming caused by human activity, and suggest possible solutions to this major issue. First, the main effect that global warming has on the earth is the change in climate. The earth 's climate has increased .85 degrees Celsius since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the eighteenth century. This change in temperature may not seem significant, however this is on the earth 's average climates "Scientists have high confidence that …show more content…
It has affected both humans, plants, as well as other animals. "Cranking up the planetary heat is going to ratchet down the planet 's biodiversity, and new analysis suggests global warming could directly threaten I -in-6 species with extinction if polluting practices continue unabated." (Upton). Due to the change in temperature, animal behavior changes. For instance, more animals are moving north in search of cooler temperatures and change breeding and hibernation schedules.
The biggest impact on animals is food. Many animals have had a lack of food due to global warming. It is estimated that one-third of animals will become extinct by 2050, and coral reef systems will disappear. Not only has global warming had a huge impact on ecosystems, but it is happening at an alarming rate. Human development has made animals ' situations even worse by getting rid of animal habitats, blocking paths for migration, and committing

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