Effects Of General Anxiety And Panic Attacks Essay

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Will Moody

The effects of General Anxiety and Panic attacks

General anxiety is caused by a number of things, some of the main ones being over worrying about things, people with anxiety worry about common everyday things like money, health, work, and things we don 't even think of. This worrying and stressing over normal things can cause people to have panic attacks.
General anxiety is a topic that many people not know about, but so many people have. This is a disease that causes peoples lives to be miserable. When people have anxiety they fret, worry, and are tense. They go throughout the day exaggerating every little decision. When they drive, have to decide where to go, what to do, how to do it. These seem like small decisions but these are magnified by people with general anxiety. They often are very stressed which causes a lot of health problems. People with anxiety often feel light headed, have headaches, have nausea, muscle aches, are lightheaded, dizzy and so on. This is a lot of stress on there bodies and can cause them to become sick.
These people also become hard to work with on a daily basis. They can 't make decisions without some type of worry. They also cannot do their jobs as well. This can also lead to many other issues and symptoms such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anorexia Nervosa, and Panic attacks.
Panic attacks are a sudden feeling go fright or terror, they can happen anytime even during sleep and are often…

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