Effects Of Electoral Violence On Civil War

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Introduction and Substantive Importance
Civil wars are regional violent conflicts confined to a state’s border affecting the lives of those living within its borders whether it be through direct involvement in fighting, forced migrations, and economic degradation among other factors. Due to the evident physical impacts of civil wars its predicates must be evaluated. This essay will consider a potential predicate: electoral violence and its effects on civil war facilitating the following research question: Does electoral violence increases the risk of civil war? If found, a positive correlation can affirm a precursor to civil war in turn facilitating the development and incorporation of civil-war preventative techniques ante-elections. This is also important in transitioning political systems as the control of political violence can promote and allow the successful transition of a state.

Defining Variables, Causal Theory, and Causal Mechanism I will examine the relationship between
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The temporal restriction on the dependent variable (Y) is the post-election period contingent on the dependent variable – election year. The unit of analysis for both the dependent and independent variables are states. I forward the causal theory that greater electoral violence causes civil war. The underlying causal mechanism of the theory and between variables dictates that electoral violence in terms of disenfranchisement through discrimination coercion and bribery along with violent/nonviolent protests, killings, and kidnappings causes a reactionary response to political actions. These reactionary responses lead to violent uprisings of the oppressed due to the lack of political recourse resulting in a civil war fought for the purpose of advancing or seizing political

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