Effects of Domestic Violence on Children Essay

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Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Mary Pelham

English 1010-19
5 October 2011

Pelham i
I. Effects on younger children A. Feelings of deprivation 1. Needs attention 2. Needs personal care B. Confusion
II. Effects on teens A. Feels need to escape B. Vulnerable to peer pressure
III. Long-term Effects A. Alcoholism B. Drug Addiction
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Children are immature when it comes to their understanding of the world around them. They have no idea about the dynamics of marital life therefore they do not understand the physical or verbal abuse they witness in their home, the worst moment is when a child is attempting to understand why his or her parents are fighting. While trying to connect the dots in order to find the reason behind the chaos at home, the child ends up either believing that he or she is causing the problem or becomes frustrated and tries to look for a way out of the situation. Parents expect that a teenager should understand the stress, they face in their office life .A thirteen years old is not equipped to handle such problems due to a lack of maturity. In an attempt to escape an unfriendly home environment, a child has no option but to go outside, and stay for as long time as permitted. During these outings, children encounter and participate in numerous unhealthy activities. Because these children are starved for attention they fall victim to peer pressure. Domestic violence also creates the need to “grow up” and leave home. In turn, teens begin to emulate adults.

Pelham 2 Using alcohol is a way through which teenagers try to forget the miseries of their life. The family

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