The Effects Of Child Abuse On Children

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Children are the future of our world, it is important that we shape their lives in the way we hope to see the world. We tend to see them as resilient beings that will recover easily from various situations and that as they grow up they will easily forget things from their childhood yet this is not always the case. There are many different classification of child abuse and the effect of each varies among the victims. There are four main types of child abuse that can affect children of all race and age. Each type of abuse has its own warning signs to look for. The long-term effects of abuse are serious and can follow the victims throughout their lives (Connelly, 2000). In order to understand the effects abuse can have on a child, it is necessary …show more content…
Disregarding the law by not enrolling your child in school, not taking a sick child to the hospital or doctor, leaving a child home alone for a long period of time, or not feeding a child are all examples of child neglect. Children experiencing child neglect may often desire to be at school, because they feel cared for in that environment, and don’t enjoy spending time at home. The “Home Alone” movies are criticized by many for making a movie about a child being left home alone for a long period of time, which would be a form of child neglect and turning into a funny movie. Parental neglect will also cause a strain in the parent-child relationship because they child feels unloved and uncared for by their parents. The most damaging form of child abuse, emotional abuse, is also the form that receives the least attention and is the most difficult to overcome (Blue, 2012). Emotional abuse is often over looked because it can seen as tough love and so there are many cases they go unreported. Actions or lack of actions by a parent or caregiver can cause a child to develop very serious mental heath …show more content…
The effect can be long lasting or fade away as they grow up and overcome what they experienced. In many cases children will develop mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression which can lead to self-destructive behavior, paranoia, and various other disorders. Abuse in childhood also has the potential to lead to violence in the future, abuse of their children, substance abuse, and possible abuse in relationship. Particularly, child neglect can greatly affect the relationship between parents and their children and can leave lasting damage; which is what psychologist call poor attachment. Poor attachment can follow the child for the rest of their lives and can greatly influence the relationship they have with their own children. Neglect has the potential to be very damaging to a child’s brain development, when a child has little attachment to their parents or little interaction with them it can alter the way their brain work; causing brain development issues like ADHD. Emotional Abuse can do a lot of psychological damage to a child, when they are repetitively told that they are not good enough or that they are stupid it can scar them for life and prevent them from striving for better in their lives because they will

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