Effects Of Child Neglect On Children Essay

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III. Self-harming Effects When a child experiences various forms of abuse, such as physical, psychological, sexual abuse or neglect, they are prone to have self-harming behavior once they reach young adulthood. The effects of child abuse or neglect can hinder proper development and socialization. This makes it difficult later on in life for children to handle their emotions. This usually leads to externalization of behavior or internalization of behavior. Studies suggest that boys are more likely to externalize and females are more likely to internalize their emotions. One method of dealing with the effects of adverse childhood experiences is self-harm.
Various types of child neglect can lead to serious self-harming behavior. Brandon, Bailey, Belderson, and Larsson examined over 800 cases of child neglect ranging from the years 2003 to 2011. The researchers took a qualitative approach and examined each case. They looked at the relationship between the child and the parents, as well as the interactions between the family and the helping practitioners. The main aspects of neglect that were focused on were deprivational neglect, medical neglect, accidents with elements of forewarning, and physical abuse combined with neglect. For the sake of the study, deprivational neglect referred to a parent or guardian depriving a child of proper nutrition. Researchers found that there were multiple reasons as to why deprivational neglect occurred. The first being that the…

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