Essay about Effects Of Anxiety On Our Environment

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In the United States the most prevalent form of mental illness is anxiety, according to the Anxiety Disorder Association of America. “Anxiety is feeling of dread that results from repressed feeling, memories, desires, and experience that emerge to surface of awareness “(Corey, G. (2013). There were 19 million grown-up of the years; 18 and elderly grown-up are afflicted by stress. Cause of anxiety that occur in all cultures. The impact of anxiety affects our behaviors in our environment causing anxiety disorders, producing physical symptoms, and the need to seek various treatments.
However, environment factors can contribute to the process of anxiety. Therefore, the factors in this phenomenon Americans are keeping up with the Jones or Normalcy bias. Countless one’s practices such as theses are executed in our daily lives, living above ones means and trying to keep up with others who appear to be more successful. In fact the belief is obtaining money brings about the key to happiness, than one can be accepted and accumulate more things. Another component that adds to the process of anxiety in society is Achievement Motivation. Americans are conditioned to perform as high achievers in society, generally placing a vital part of their identities with favorite teams, careers, and family expectations. Many Americans share both individualistic and collectivistic values (Chapman, Kevin, PhD 2012). Well being and values of our nation have become a concern for economist, policy…

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