Effects Of Advertising On Blacks And Their Culture Essay example

1662 Words May 5th, 2016 7 Pages
“The generalization of Blacks and their culture has been in American society for a long time, may it have been positive or negative, Blacks and their impact in advertising has dated back to colonial years of America and still makes an impact today.”
Looking at brands and ads from the 1800s to now, do Blacks feel offended? From blackface, to racial terms, offensive nicknames (Jiggaboo, Mandingo, Jezebel, Mammy & etc), stereotypes and images, advertising had held a negative light on Blacks for years, centuries at that and it’s still present to this very day. Recently advertising featuring interracial couples with their children have been receiving a lot of feedback, many was against the ads while others actually praise the ads. It’s almost comical that today advertising can still be racist or have racial innuendos. The negative history Blacks had with advertising can go back a few centuries before it was actually printed. The term advertising means is to contain the attention of the public by promoting something, so in this case it could be anything, people feel like advertising really haven’t been around before the printing press but it has, people use advertising with their voice, promoting their brand or what is deemed beautiful. Beauty in advertising has broken down the Black community whether people speak about it or not, it has. Beauty magazines has promoted women of lighter skin, certain body shapes and hairstyles for years and this has broken down the black household.…

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