Education Is An Important Source Of Economic Growth Essay

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Economist’s for a long time believed that investing in education or human capital is an important source of economic growth. The most important education is early education, The Economics of Early Childhood Investments, says “Early childhood, beginning in infancy, is a period of profound advances in reasoning, language acquisition, and problem-solving, and importantly, a child’s environment can dramatically influence the degree and pace of these advancements”(The Economist of Early Childhood Investments,2014,5.p3).The faster the children start on their education the more successful they will be as individuals. Education plays a huge role on an individual since it 's one of the factors that determine how far a person can achieve.
When a person does not receive a good early education, not only does the person, but also the economy and the society experience an opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is the cost of producing a good that measures by the worth of the most valuable alternative that is given up to obtain the resource. A person who receives a high-quality early education can have a higher earnings later in their life.” Long-term analyses suggest that early childhood education can increase earnings in adulthood by 1.3 to 3.5 percent” (The Economics of Early Childhood Investments, 2014,5,p3). If no early childhood is provided the society suffers. If we spend more money on education programs the society will benefit. “In total, the existing research suggests expanding…

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