Education Is A Major Contribution Essay

1962 Words Apr 8th, 2016 8 Pages
In the United States, education is a major contribution to every state 's concern. We all have different ideals about how an education system should function. Many other states show concern towards our educational systems when presented without a national educational system ( Our educational system in the United States developed in the seventeenth century, and has hit a climax through time. Although schools handle their education differently according to their own standards, schools are all running in a way with a vision of creating education as the main viewpoint for kids and teens. Although education seems to be a main target for each state, many people have their own viewpoints on the way our educational system is developing. Many people view the system as failing, while others view it as a great opportunity for those who want to gain the knowledge through the choice of schooling. While some schools are the average public school, many American schools have turned their heads to a new idea, advancing the idea of an educational tracking system. Although it may be hard, we must all come together in an agreement on a set educational system and begin looking at education as an opportunity to create a stronger human system, mainly through an educational system based on tracking. Every state has a set educational system. For example, Wyoming has specific state standards. This system includes common core standards such as language arts, math, science, and…

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