Essay on Education Is A Great Deal For African Americans

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Education is one of the most powerful tools to have in today’s society, especially because of what it has taken for African-Americans to have the right to attend school or even learn how to read and write for that matter. Many persons sacrificed their lives for those who are able to go to integrated schools today and be given the same opportunities as any other student regardless of skin color. Being able to achieve a higher education is a great deal for African-Americans. Black men and women coming together to get a decent education to become better people in the world and stand for what took years of fighting for are why education is valued and taken very seriously. It is because of many contributors who stood their ground for a fair and equal education that has allowed students to attend the schools they attend and sit in the very seats they sit in today in the classroom. In fact, there have been many women of color who have contributed to the success of higher education. Mary McLeod Bethune has made strong contributions to higher education through her empowerment of the black female, fight for social justice, and building up an institution of higher education for people of color. Mary McLeod Bethune, an educator, political activist, and organizer, was born the fifteenth child out of a total of seventeen children in Maysville, South Carolina in 1875 to two former slaves (Long 1). Mary spent most of her youth picking cotton in a cotton field alongside her parents and…

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