Education In Mesopotamia

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How can we get kids to want to learn and enjoy education rather than just focusing on grades? Higher engagement levels earlier in schools shows that they will be more motivated after leaving high school. Kids these days do not like school. They do not like sitting in a classroom for an hour. Also they do not like boring speeches or lessons. Back then in Mesopotamia the kids actually loved education the reason they loved education was because they did not have as many opportunities as we do today they would only do school for 2 hours. I think that we can get kids to actually like learning by making the class more interesting and making each period shorter because shorter periods there are the more classes and opportunities there are. One way we can get children to like education is to the kids learn at their own pace and not rushing them. When raising a kid in education can cause stress and depression and you do not want that. …show more content…
Back in mesopotamia the only classes that they had was language, art because they believed that language arts was the most important subject. The event was back in the 1000s when Mesopotamia was still around. In the 1000s Mesopotamians would go to school for two hours and in those two hours they would do only language arts. The Mesopotamians were very important because without them we would not have school and education because they are the ones who basically invented education and school. We should really thank Mesopotamia because they made education and without education, we would probably not be successful in life. Did you know that education is dropping its rates in America by a lot.

Education today is very important if you do not have education, then you will not be successful in life and how is education changed from the

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