Essay on Education And Its Impact On The School System

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Education is the key to living well in today’s society, because modern society has changed through the development of technology. Although Australia is seen as an equal society within the school system though not everyone accesses the same chances. Because of the changing nature of work and technology there are less unskilled jobs so people need to develop specialized skill, this requires a good education. Educational backgrounds can have a diverse impact on success with in Australian communities. Inequalities lead to differences in access to education, between rich and poor; for indigenous students, and rural students, are among the most disadvantaged. This essay will argue that the government needs to improve the services in order to help people overcome disadvantages.

There are differences in the school system in Australia between rich and poor students. There are private and public schools. According to Perry.L and Lubienski.C (2014), within social economic areas “students from wealthy, privileged backgrounds tend to go o high fee schools” This means those students will have a better chance to be educated and more likely to have superior jobs in future. students from low income have less chances to be successful and achieve their goals. In addition, low income students may not get the necessary education that richest people can get it easily also when the child grows up in this environment can be difficult to reach his goal. The studies have showed that the child and…

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