Educating Rita Essay

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Into The World – 'Educating Rita' Will Russell

“Moving into an unfamiliar world will always be accompanied by challenges but such transitions create an environment for personal growth”

People encounter different ways in which they encounter new stages of experience that bring about change and growth in their life, these aspects of personal growth and transitions into the the world or new phases of an individuals life is clearly evident in Willy Russell's text 'Educating Rita' and the two related texts 'A getting of wisdom”'(SMH) and 'Pygmalion'.

“Moving into an unfamiliar world will always be accompanied by challenges, but such transitions create an environment for personal growth”. This statement is clearly demonstrated in Willy
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But if you want to change y’ have to do it from the inside, don’t y? Know like I’m doin’.” (Act 1, Scene 1, p11).

Rita’s transformation can be seen through the related text Pygmalion, the statue in Pygmalion transforms from ivory to flesh and in a metaphorical sense Rita makes the transition of personal growth flesh to ivory portraying that her character is being sculptured to society’s mould.

Willy Russell's character of Rita is faced with obstacles that many individuals experience when moving into different worlds to become successful in this case Rita faced with this obstacle “ im coming in aren't i? its that stupid bleeding door of yours” (Act 1 Scene 1, pg. 2).

This is an initial stage of Rita going into the world. The door is a symbol off the barrier of change and and personal growth, as she progresses with in the text the door becomes easier to open as she is making her transition into the world.

Rita is determined is to grow and change , she identifies what she wants she wants to discover herself with the use of an education, “Rita: i wanna know know, Frank: what do you want to know? Rita: Everything. (Act 1, Scene 1, pg.6). Rita recognises that there is more to life the what shes has experienced, she wants to know everything that life can offer. She identifies that her lack of education keeps her trapped in her world that she is shut out of and wants to become educated so she can 'see'.

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