Educating Children With Sexual Predators Essay

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Chapter 5- Some Useful Tips On How to Protect Your Child
In terms of child’s protection, the palpable protection most of the time comes after the abuse has occurred, with the different bodies and agencies that can be contacted in order to provide the appropriate measures to ensure the child’s safety and protection. Other than that, parents can help prevent abuse by educating their children a little bit more about what abuse is as well as the profile of potential abusers.
Educate Your Child About Sexual Predators.
It is very parent’s nightmare to see their child being sexually molested. Every parent wants their child to preserve their innocence for as long as they should, and go through the different phases of their life, the normal way. The sexual abuse on a child is a nightmare to every parent or adult who witnesses it. It is important that children differentiate between a friendly adult and a suspiciously friendly adult. Here are some tips on how you can educate your child about sexual predators.
Educate Your Child About What Is an Appropriate Conduct:
Talking about sexuality to a child is still very taboo, even with all the freedom that western societies seem to be enjoying today. Funny enough, children can be exposed to an oversexualized pop culture, with images of barely dressed women, every day. All of this can make things confusing to them, as having morals today seems to rhyme with being “stuck up”. Still the possibility of them being abused remains. The NSOPW (also…

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