Edna's Awakening Analysis

In Part two of the novel Edna’s awakening is beginning to make her become cancerous and destructive to herself and her family. Edna’s appearance and role as a mother seems to be very short lived. The nanny in the story begins to take on the role of being the main care taker of
Edna’s children. Edna becomes more conscious of the fact that she is begging to fall in love with Robert. But is suddenly struck with the truth of Robert’s abrupt decision to leave for Mexico.
At first it seemed as if Robert would be there for her as she travels through her journey of
“awakening’ but in reality he feels as if such a journey would be too much and retreats. A rift between Edna and Robert begins to show along with her sadness. Edna sees motherhood as a
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On her search to find Mademoiselle Resize she runs into Robert’s younger brother Victor at Madame Lebrun house. Victor flirts with her and finds his free unconventional view romantic relationships amusing. Madame Lebrun interrupts their conversation and talks about city life after their summer at Grand Isle. Victor retrieves two letters that were sent from
Robert in Mexico. But Edna becomes disappointed after hearing that he didn’t include any message specifically for her. Edna finds the closed space attic apartment where Mademoiselle
Resize lives and surprising she supplies her with a letter from Robert that talks about her and brings her to tears. Pontellier notices that his wife Edna has been acting strange lately and has been ignoring her womanly duties. Edna’s disgust with Marriage has become very evident for her husband and Pontellier advise him to leave his wife alone for a while until her mood passes.
Due to her awakening journey marriage to Edna is seen as one of the main causes of
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Before the colonel’s departure he and Edna argue about her not wanting to go to her sister’s wedding. When Pontellier embarks on his business trip Edna realizes that she really enjoys the freedom that comes with her children and husbands absent and also indulges herself in Ralph Emmerson’s essays, famous for his views of self-reliance. Near the end of part 2 Alcee Arobin a young man known for seducing married women takes Edna out to the horse races. They go out to the race track many times while her husband is on his trip. As they grow more and more comfortable and familiar with each other Arobin becomes highly infatuated with the idea of being with her. Edna truly loves Robert but, the sensual arousal and attention Arobin provides for her is “like a narcotic”. In the finale chapter of Part two the Arobin and Edna put their romantic feelings aside and form a stronger friendship than before. Edna visits Mademoiselle on day and conveys her idea of living alone. Edna not only goes there to talk but to read any resent letters Robert may

have sent. While reading the letter she discovers that Robert will soon be returning home, however Robert has no idea that Edna has seen this

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