Essay about Editorial Evaluation : Disputed Oakland Coal Dock

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Editorial Evaluation – Disputed Oakland Coal Dock
The editors of the LA Times concluded that the city of Oakland should pursue more environmental examinations of a proposed coal dock before “the deleterious effects” of the plan can break ground. The premises supporting this conclusion are: 1) the potential danger for environmental contamination along the coal’s route from mine to dock, 2) the notion that the proposal had only recently added coal into its plan for the shipping dock (done to avoid public scrutiny), and 3) there will be no great increase in jobs if the proposal comes to fruition. An article published jointly by staff at the Los Angeles Times released an editorial discussing a proposed coal dock to be constructed at the former Oakland Army Base in California. Since the base was decommissioned back in 1999, many proposals have been brought forth regarding the future of the site. The proposal comes from The California Capital and Investment Group, whose initial plan in 2012 called for a shipping dock to be created at the site. Not until recently, coal “became part of the mix” for the group’s proposed shipment list. The editors argue this particular premise was done to prevent public backlash against the group’s original intent. If their proposal is accepted, the editors discussed how the source of the coal would come from Utah.
Unless each coal cart is carefully covered with a sealant, the estimated 400-mile trek from mine to dock could allow 600 pounds of coal…

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