Essay about Edgar Allen Poe 's Ligeia And The Black Cat

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Works of literature in the same genre occasionally share common attributes, especially when they are written by the same author! Edgar Allen Poe was a famous gothic author who wrote many pieces of literature which were all very different, but also seemed quite the same. In his works, “Ligeia”, “Berenice”, and “The Black Cat” there are many distinct themes and analytical elements shown throughout the works. However, many of these are shared within all three of these pieces of literature. In these Edgar Allen Poe short stories, two recognizable themes and one analytical element are shown to be similar. In “Ligeia”, “Berenice”, and “The Black Cat”, a common theme is a mental grotesque, a common theme is transformations, and an analytical element is the idea of love/obsession. In “Ligeia”, “Berenice”, and “The Black Cat” a common theme is mental grotesque. In all three of these short stories, the narrators’ all describe themselves as having a bad temper or a mental illness. For example, in the story “Ligeia,” it states, “That my wife dreaded the fierce moodiness of my temper—that she shunned me and loved me but little—I could not help perceiving; but it gave me rather pleasure than otherwise. I loathed her with a hatred belonging more to demon than to man” (17). This remark made by the narrator proves that he is not mentally stable. The fact in which he has a temper is a clue about the state of his mentality. However, the clear proof lies within the reality that he loathes…

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