Edgar Allen Poe 's Cask Of Amontillado Essay

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Edgar Allen Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado” is a griping tale of what many perceive to be revenge. However, upon further inspection of the story, it can be concluded that Fortunato and Montresor are not two men caught in a simple quarrel, but one man’s plural personalities fighting each other. Poe’s tale is not the story of one man’s murder of another, but rather a look into the life and mind of man with multiple personalities, as his introverted personality confronts and ‘kills’ his extravagant extroverted personality.
Montresor, the protagonist, vaguely explains in the beginning he is seeking revenge on popular man named Fortunato. As you read Montresor explains that Fortunato has in some way besmirched his name or embarrassed him, even though he never truly explains exactly what Fortunato said or did. Fortunato is described as “a man to be respected or even feared”. This type of man during this time period would be married and have numerous friends, where it seems that Montresor, aside from his servants, is alone. When Montresor introduces us to Fortunato it is in a time of carnival, or great celebration in France, and he is wearing a jesters’ costume. This costume is one of the first indication of a split personality. Jesters’ costumes were traditionally made with patches from fabrics that were very different as a way to reflect the different sides and personalities of the jester. Poe could have left out the description of Fortunato’s dress or even described him as…

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