Edgar Allan Poe 's The Tell Tale Heart Essay

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Every reader can relate to the enjoyment of short stories. Other people see them as lessons, entertainment to the imagination, as well as stories inherit and to pass down. Some stories have a light-hearted theme or even a theme of love and happiness but, most readers would consider the most interesting of stories to have a theme of morality; a theme that challenges human morals and consciousness. Edgar Allan Poe 's The Tell-Tale Heart wonderfully explores that the spiraling downfall of sanity and the consumption of fear can cause a loosen grip on reality. A display of the narrator 's constant paranoia give insight to insanity as well as a reflection of Poe 's fear of death and the eerie setting the tale takes place.
To begin with, a majority of Poe 's writings has a recurring theme of death. His infamous writings of brutal murders, deaths, and violent behavior caused some critics to believe that he has a hidden phobia of death. It is to be said that "This fascination may result from Poe 's own losses: his parents died before he was 3 years old. Poe married his 13 year old cousin, Virginia, in 1836; she died at the age of 24." (Hurley) thus, creating a repeating reflection of his perspective of death within his writing. In The Tell-Tale Heart, before murdering the old man, the narrator exploits the anxiety of the thought of the man 's death, giving readers this tone of suspension that starts to develop the theme. Just the victim 's beating heart alone, symbolizes life and…

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