Edgar Allan Poe 's The House Of Usher Essay

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Sentience Transcendence:
Just as fire feeds off of oxygen in the air, the house of the Usher’s continues off of the family’s heirs. The backdrop of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher further emphasizes the chasm between the natural and the unfathomable and the effects upon which it inflicts on the human subconscious. The bleak, desolate conditions in which the Ushers live in contribute to the overall deterioration of the characters within the story, almost like a fire which spreads and consumes everything in its wake and turns it into an unrecognizable char ruin. Usually homes represent a sense of permanence and radiate feelings of warmth and comfort yet the house in the story is decrepit, which signifies the prevalent absence of the perception of normal reality. Therefore, the phantasmagoric idea of a “...mere house…,” being able to inflict “...a sense of insufferable gloom [which pervades the narrators] spirit,” attests to the perplex, lecherous power the ancestral home has (Poe 2). The narrator often speaks of an unearthly “...vivid force of sensations which…,” oppress his soul, heart and spirit which he believes to be abnormal outside the realm of possibility, and not in “...affinity with the air of heaven…,” (Poe 2). The isolated and malevolent atmosphere making up the house with “...eye-like windows…” creates a sense of purgatory with the Usher’s as a “...bounden slave,” in their own house (Poe 2). Everything in near vicinity is in a poisonous,…

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