Edgar Allan Poe 's Light Of Darkness Essay

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Poe’s Light to Darkness “Who has not, a hundred times, found himself committing a vile or silly action, for no other reason than because we understand it to be such” (Poe 1594)? This last words are the simplification of human tendency to be human. What it is to be human? Is it kindness, love and affection for others? Well, to be human is to be evil according, in my opinion, to one great author. This talented author could effortlessly distinguish from ethical and unethical just by observing. Additionally, this author “has been called a drunk, a drug-addict, a hack, a sex pervert, and an exploiter” (May 3). Despite all, this author, “metaphysically mysterious stories, helped create a literature that made America a cultural force not to be ignored” (May 3), and this impressive author is Edgar Allan Poe. “Although there is no easy way of proving that Poe was a great poet; the best evidence is that once his [writing] have become part of your experience, they are never dislodged” (Badenhausen 487). Edgar A. Poe short story “The Black Cat” narrator, without name nor physical characteristics, of the story as a symbol of humanity. In “The Black Cat,” Poe triggers the origins of humans’ first option to turn evil because of boredom, nature, darkness, and addiction.
In “The Black Cat,” Poe makes it visible that boredom is an essential cause for narrator turning to evil. Accordingly in the short story “The Black Cat”, the narrator’s daily activities, at the begging of the story,…

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