Edgar Allan Poe 's Death Essay

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We are all familiar with Edgar Allan Poe, it seems that everyone knows who he is anymore thanks to the wonders of the Education system that we are all products of. Edgar was born in late January of 1809 and died at the age of 40 in October of 1949. We also know that most of his works deals with one topic and one alone. The topic of death, as well as the many ways that it can be seen in the eyes of the people it is affecting. When you look into Poe’s life there is really no surprise that he is fascinated by the idea and images of death. Before he was even three years old both his parents had died (Biography). This certainly is not the only time that he has been exposed to death, but just the sheer age that he was when it has happened I feel that has started his descent into his love with all things death. But I feel that in this case the death of women in his life that he lived with is what helped him find the pain that is needed to write something this emotion filled.
A bit of looking into the poem it is found that Poe first titled this poem as Irene maybe that is the name of the woman of which our speaker is talking about. But after he went back in 1841 to revise it, for what is thought to be a third time, he changed the title to that of The Sleeper, which is what we know it as today. In Thomas’s book he mentions that this is one of Poe’s favorite poems, he put it at the top of a list of his own works (Thomas). But in this poem specifically it seems that he is talking…

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