Edgar Allan Poe Short Story Analysis

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Jaspreet Nagra
Professor Jeannie Stokes Cobb
2 December 2016
English 7

Themes in Short Stories of Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe was a great writer and poet. Most of his work was about death and mysteries. He wrote many different short stories and poems. Edgar had a tough life. He was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston. When he was young his father left him, and when he was three his mother passed away. He was separated from his siblings at a young age. When he was thirteen he wrote a prolific poet. And that is when his interest began as a writer. Edgar had a very tough life and made some mistakes. A lot of his stories and poems connected to his life, and the problems he went through. Many of his short stories have a similar meaning and theme. What made Edgar Allan Poe stand out as a writer in his short stories
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It is called, “The Masque of the Red Robin.” This story is very interesting because it is about a Prince named Prospero who invites people for a ball in his palace. Each room is painted a different color during the ball. The last room is the seventh room which is painted black, and has red windows. Most guest avoid going to the last room. At midnight a guest arrives that looks very different, and looks spooky. The Prince gets upset that someone like him comes to his ball, and then goes to the last room while the unknown guest is in there. When the Prince goes into the room he dies. It was unknown why he died in the room, so the guest go in there as well. When other guests go to the room to attack the man they realize that no one is under costume, and then they also die. The mysterious idea in this story was that no one knew that there wasn’t anyone under the costume. The spooky unknown guest represented death and darkness. This story is important because the importance in the story portrays the mystery of the unknown guest, and the death of the

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