Economic Recovery, Poverty, And The United States Essay

772 Words Nov 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Despite five years of economic recovery, poverty is still a challenging issue in the United States. The United States is increasingly seen as inadequately assisting the less-advantaged members of its society with a “hand-up” out of poverty. According to a 2014 report by the Census Bureau, more than 45 million people, which is an equivalent of 14.5 percent of all Americans lived below the poverty line as at 2013 (Gongloff, 2014). Even though this was a decline from 2012’s 15 percent, the level of poverty remains higher than 2006’s 12.3 percent before recession began (Gongloff, 2014). The most likely reasons for this grim trend could be that the United States’ policymakers have increasingly ignored the needs of the very poor Americans. For example, in the recent years, the Congress has slashed billions of dollars from the government food-stamp program besides ending extended unemployment benefits that was helpful to millions of long-term unemployed people (Gongloff, 2014). Within the last few decades, a comprehensive body of empirical cross-national evidence has shown that the United States currently has one of the largest percentages of citizens living in poverty among the world’s industrialized nations because it has failed to formulate measures to address the problem (Edelman, 2012). The primary aim of this paper is to seek out, analyze, and describe poverty policies in a country has been successful in addressing the problem of poverty. The country that will be selected for…

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