Economic Liberalization And Globalization Of India Essay

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Economic liberalization and globalization have introduced Indian society to the global market in which India has developed a transnational labour force in technology call centers and an increasing consumer market within major urban areas. Furthermore, through globalization India has experienced large-scale diasporic emigration to European, South East Asian, Middle Eastern, and North American countries.
Globalization has drastically altered manner in which labour is organized worldwide. This global labour market has created a new transnational labour force. Call centres in major Indian cities illustrate the proliferation of a transnational labour forces that developed due to globalization and economic liberalization. Call Centres provide person to person services to clients in primarily English speaking countries over the phone. These centers have revolutionized labour in metropolitan areas as workers employed in the call centers earn salaries far greater than in many other jobs that are local. This extends to women as well thus allowing for an economically autonomous younger generation of Indians working at these call centers.
Furthermore, these centres have allowed for the development of a transnational industry within India that does not require transnational migration. Individuals working in the call centers are exposed to Western culture and values through their day to day interactions and through their learning and perfecting of the English language. The high volume…

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