Eating Style And Weight Concerns In Young Women

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Eating Style and Weight Concerns in Young Females

Vervaet, M., & van Heeringen, C. (2000). Eating Style and Weight Concerns in Young Females. Eating Disorders, 8(3), 233.

This article examines adolescent schoolgirls attitudes towards eating compared to fashion models and people with eating disorders. The results showed that all types including adolescent girls have concern about their body weight. Results showed that eating disorder patients mostly reported premorbid overweight. Majority of the schoolgirls (with a Body Mass Index between 20 and 25,) showed that they wanted to lose weight. Fashion models on the other hand had eating styles that were similar to people with eating disorders. Girls with a restrained eating
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The media and also magazines show an unnatural and often times impossible model of beauty causing females to develop an eating disorder because they want to look and be more like their favorite model. The statistics refer to people who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, however there are many people that suffer from eating disorder that have not seek professional help. ED are very complex and will never be completely understood, which makes it hard for people to get grip on their eating disorder. Anorexia and bulimia are found to be an effect from the pressure in the media to be thin. It is found that women would start dieting and their peers would see the change in that woman’s body size and say a positive remark, making the female want to continue dieting. This results in the female unable to control their dieting and becoming …show more content…
F., Gray, J. J., & Ahrens, A. H. (2004). No longer just a pretty face: Fashion magazines ' depictions of ideal female beauty from 1959 to 1999. International Journal Of Eating Disorders, 36(3), 342-347. doi:10.1002/eat.20039

This article examines fashion magazines’ depiction of the ideal female beauty of women in America from 1959 to 1999. The study was completed by, investigating the different American modeling trends by analyzing cover models that appeared on four popular fashion magazines during this time period. The results showed that the body size of fashion models during the time people 1980 and 1990 decreased drastically. Also, there was a large increase in the frequency in alteration of the entire bodies of the models from 1960s to the1990s. The increases thin images and the increase in full-body photos suggest an increase on the value of the thin ideal for women in America. Also, this change increases disturbed eating patterns among women in America.

A weakness to this study is that there are once again no men used in this study. Also, using the years 1959 to 1999 could have been expanded a little more, to see if there were any other changes in

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