Eating Meat And Its Effects On Our Environment And Our Planet Negatively

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Nowadays, people who have a mercy toward the animals, find following a plant based diets an easy lifestyle to be adapted. Because of the inhumanity way that was used to treat the animals before butchering and serving them to the consumers, this meat become a dangerous food in our food chain. Animals produce enzymes when they get scared or treated badly, and these enzymes could cause you many health problems. Moreover, eating meat could also harm the environment. Many green lands were vanished and replaced to be a suitable place to raise animals. Another thing is that most of us knows how the livestock producing gasses that impact our environment and our planet negatively. If you are looking for a reason to cut off eating meat, you will find various of reasons to do so. As Micheal Pollan recommended; there are many reasons to eat less meat and mostly plants. The reason that encourages some people to eat meat, is that they want to get proteins, but, many of them are not aware of the other alternatives that they can eat instead of meat. Following a vegetarian diet is a controversial topic these days, and it has various conceptions in utilitarian, virtue and biblical perspectives. The Biblical ethical system reacts powerfully to this challenge. Since it is more general and most of the ethical systems contain some grain of the truth found in the Christian ethics, it seems more persuading.
Virtue is the predisposition to do good thing, am internal motivation that not only does the…

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