Eating Disorders Do Not Exist Essay

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“Eating disorders do not exist,” claim those in denial of the world around them. “Anorexic and bulimic children do not exist because there is no possible way they could learn those habits,” states an ignorant adult that is not aware of the advanced technology around them. The lack of awareness revolving around eating disorders is not nearly enough because there are still people denying the proof in front of them that anorexia, bulimia, and Binge Eating Disorder are real. In fact, the more innovation the human race has in the technological field, the younger people will learn about eating disorders. The globalization of eating disorders is mostly caused by the expansion of technology, magazines, and advertisements all over the world.
As technology become more available to most of the human race, one can see its expansion contributing to the overall amount of eating disorders in the world. “...the Fiji islands did not have access to television until 1995...Fiji had no reported cases of eating disorders, and a study conducted...showed that most Fijian girls and women....were comfortable with their bodies. In 1998, just three years after the station began broadcasting, eleven percent of girls...vomited to control weight, and sixty-two percent of the girls...dieted during the previous months” (Bordo 320). This shows an obvious correlation between the availability of new technology and eating disorders. It is clearly shown that as innovation continues with technology and the…

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