Eating Disorders And Anorexia Nervosa Essay

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Eating disorders, such as Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa, are serious psychiatric conditions that require intervention and treatment. The plethora of negative conditions as a direct result of these eating disorders is well documented in the medical and psychological fields. Interventions and treatment modalities have been developed to address these negative conditions, such as malnourishment, however little attention seems to have been given to the positive attributes or the re-enforcers that perpetuate the disorder. Serpell, et al (1999) Serpell, et al (2002) broached the subject of positive attributes of eating disorders with their articles, “Anorexia Nervosa: Friend or Foe?” and “Bulimia Nervosa: Friend or Foe? The Pros and Cons of Bulimia”. The articles certainly provided a different perspective and approach to anorexia and bulimia and, as we discussed during our first class, perception is a person’s reality which makes it imperative for a counselor to get an understanding of a person’s perception. I believe the two articles, in conjunction with the PBS video, “Dying to be Thin”, provided a glimpse of that perspective. Some of the studies’ findings had surprised me. One such detail was that the guardian theme was used by almost of the patient as a positive symptom of their eating disorder. I don’t think I would have connected an eating disorder as making someone feel safe. I had always held the belief that eating disorders were a means of control and…

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