Eating Disorder Treatment And Treatment Of Eating Disorders Essay

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Caroline Brown
Professor Cecilia Bell
13 July 2016

Eating Disorder Treatment and Art Therapy
Eating Disorders are very complicated psychiatric illnesses and patients usually require very intensive, lengthy, and rigorous treatment in order to be successful in recovery. There are eight types of eating disorders you could be diagnosed with. Art therapy is unique in the psychotherapeutic treatment of eating disorders; it provides patients a means of expressing their feelings in a concrete manner through the control of external media. More and more treatment centers today for eating disorders are adding expressive therapies into their treatment plans. Within the multidisciplinary team approach to the treatment of eating disorders Art Therapy had emerged playing a unique, significant, and resourceful role.
Meyer “Art therapy is an aspect of psychotherapy that utilizes art media as its principal mode of communication. Moreover, art therapy is the therapeutic use of art creation, within a professional relationship, by individuals who are experiencing trauma, illness, obstacles in living, or who seek greater personal improvement. This may encompass mental health problems, learning or physical difficulties, or life-limiting conditions (Ekern). “Art therapy incorporates the facets of human development along with visual art, such as drawing, sculpture, painting, and other art forms, with methods of counseling and psychotherapy. Through the conception and innovation of…

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