How Did Eastman Kodak Failure

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In the current dynamic and ever changing conditions in the business environment have forced many businesses and organizations to have new strategies in place to enable them to survive in the competitive business environment. This paper addresses the failure in leadership of Eastman Kodak Company and how these failures were resolved.
Background of Eastman Kodak Company
Eastman Kodak Company is a technology company based in America. Its headquarter is in Rochester in New York. It was founded by George Eastman in 1888. It focuses on the production of imaging products. Kodak offers functional printing, packaging, graphic communication and professional business worldwide. However, it concentrates on Enterprise and Graphics, Digital Printing, commercial films and Entertainment. In late 1976 in United States Kodak commanded 90% and 85% of films and
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They also introduced a strategy to generate revenues through the patent ligation. In 2012, Kodak filed a bankruptcy protection in the US. In the same year, Kodak declared that it would stop manufacturing digital cameras, digital picture frames, pocket video cameras but would focus on co-operate digital imaging market. On August 2012, Kodak announced the plan to sell its photographic films, kiosk operations and commercial as a strategy to be free from bankruptcy. In January 2013, the Kodak was approved for financing to enable it emerged from bankruptcy by the US court. Kodak sold most of its patents amounting to $ 525 million to different companies encompassing Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, HTC, and Adobe System. On September, Kodak was out of bankruptcy loop after dropping numerous of its businesses and its legacy liabilities. The document imaging and personalized imaging are the remaining products of Kodak Alaris. Kodak Alaris is a separate company owned by Kodak pension plan based in the

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