Easter From The Coal Tattoo And Henry English From American Rust

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Throughout this class, we have gotten to know many examples of characters that truly embody the working-class spirit and hold certain values as critical parts of their lives. Two great examples of characters who give the reader a clear picture of a working-class person are Easter from The Coal Tattoo and Henry English from American Rust. These characters represent different aspects of this very important group of people. With Easter, religion, family, and memories are deemed as essential to her life. With Henry English, we see how providing for the family is of utmost importance. These very different characters give the reader a clear picture of the values that a working-class person holds to be sacred as well as the hardships that had to be endured. First, people in the working class have a set of values that are critical to them. Easter is described as a character who is religious, traditional, and one who acts to take care of the people around her. However, she also has many struggles that cause her to re-evaluate her life. The reader sees that religion is the driving force in Easter’s life. “Easter had always simply wanted to serve God, in His house. It was a desire she couldn’t explain…” (House 39). Before her marriage with El, Easter always made sure to go to both church services on Sundays. She saw it as a liberating experience. The reader can see the struggle that working-class people have to endure in order to uphold their values. Easter is surrounded by people who…

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