Essay On Symbolism In John Updike's A & P

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In today’s modern society, everyone follows a set of defined rules and it is well known that it is your actions that define who you are. In John Updike’s A&P, each of the main character’s actions reveals their true intentions and purpose in the story. While Queenie may represent sin, temptation and the power of sexuality, the stern Lengel contradicts her, representing the Christian ideals of conformity and the expulsion of rebellion. Furthermore, through the use of herring snacks and skimpy bikinis, Sammy can be seen as an average man who is bored with his own repetitive life and is in need for a change. In John Updike’s A&P, the use of symbols reveal that each character represents a theme that is not only prominent to the story, but represents a different side of modern society.
In the story, Queenie is portrayed to be a rebellious and seductive teenage girl that enraptures the attention of most of the male workers, however she herself represents much more than that. From the second she walks in, she stands out due to the fact that she and her girls are in “nothing but bathing suits” (Updike 1). She continues to walk confidently, indicating that she knows that she is attractive and wants to be watched. In Genesis 3 of the Old
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He always claims he knows about what others are thinking so therefore comes off as over confident. This is seen when he complains about a customer who gets angry at him for making a mistake at his register. He claims that it he knew “it made her day to trip [him] up. However, when Queenie and her girls walk in wearing skimpy clothes, Sammy is impressed by their disregard for the social norms, but is still puzzled because he does not know what they are thinking. When Queenie buys the herring snacks, Sammy has the following

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