Essay on Earthquakes : Earthquakes And Its Effects

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What are earthquakes, how do they function or why do they occur, many of us would like to know if they are able to be predicted, and if they aren’t most of us know how to be prepared for an earthquake. To better understand an earthquake we must know what faults are. Seismic waves are important to determine an earthquake and the energy that is released and where does the energy to create an earthquake come from. There has been many catastrophic earthquakes that have taken many lives, and it’s possible that in the future there could be more. Earthquakes are common in California, and many of us know what they can do. The thing we don’t know about earthquakes is how they function or why they happen. Earthquakes are scary because we don’t know when they can happen, but at least we can protect ourselves as necessary or at least until we no longer can.///CLARITY/// An earthquake is when///AWK/// the ground shakes we all know that///P/// but in this paper I want people to understand why they occur and although we still cannot fully be ready, we can at least learn how to physically prepare ourselves for Mother earths///FORM/// surprise. The earth has four major layers that are called the inner core, outer core, mantle, and the crust and they serve a great purpose for earthquakes.///AWK/// An earthquake occurs when a release of energy causes the seismic wave that makes the ground shake. The rocks are pushing against each other until it reaches a point when///WORDY/// all the pressure…

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