Early Life And Colonialism In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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Oliver Mahoro
Lauren Liebe
English 203
Tuesday, November 28, 2017
A People Unknown

Things Fall Apart takes place in what is now known as Nigeria, this happens during the late 19th century, but the book itself was written in 1958 as the colonial system in Africa was falling apart. What makes Things Fall Apart so significant, is that before it, most of the records, novels, and books about Africa and its people written in English were all written by Europeans. So when Chinua Achebe came to the scene, he transformed the traditional view held by the Europeans about Africa and its people. Before him Africans were seen as barbarians and a people of a low civilization who needed to be conquered. Achebe highlighted the realisms of the colonial condition in his homeland, Igboland.
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Achebe begins by stating the purpose of his book, which countered the traditional view of Europeans had towards Africa and its people, with his words he presents a human picture that matched the complexity of actual humans and not mere animals. Through Okonkwo’s life, Achebe hooks the reader deep into the early life and beliefs of the Igbo people before there are missionaries mentioned. Providing the reader a clear framework to its traditions, beliefs and customs that held the community together even before the arrival of the

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